Waiting for the Culture

While part of New Archaeological School volunteers worked on Late-Scythian Hillforts in Kherson region, our main team is located home, on Generalka 2. We still don’t have the permission documents from the Ministry of Culture, so not allowed to work in the field but this gives us a possibility to concentrate on lab works. So we’ve started to glue, draw and describe the ceramics collection of Generalka 2 — more than 170 vessels! We are working in the museum of Khortitsa National reserve and communicating with employees of reserve — very nice and professional people.

Each ceramic fragment is compared with all his neighbors. In this long and hard work we are searching for the mutual fracture. We are combining them, creating a drawing and describing according to common scheme. This allows to restore the whole vessels after the job is done and to compare all of them with other vessels and sites. Lot of work to do, as you see!

Although we have a feeling of sticky and dark pain in our hearts because of fieldwork absence and the summer days are moving to quickly, we have processed a lot of ceramics, found few interesting pots and have done a lot of boring, but compulsory work. There is a lot of joyful moments here as usual — guitar, bonfire, tents, games etc. What a wonderful archaeological world!


25 November 2020

A Complex Rock Art Object in Ukrainian Steppe

A new paper on the rock art of Kamyana Mohyla has been recently published in Rock Art Research Journal. The study has been performed by New Archaeological School.

21 September 2018

Lords of the Snakes

Team of Institute of Archaeology of Ukraine, New Archaeological School and the "Kamyana Mohyla National reserve" found two unique objects during the excavation of ancient settlement. Ophidian sculptures made of sandstone is dated approximately 7000 BC. This findings is unique for Ukraine Mesolithic Archaeology.

13 September 2018

IFRAO 2018. NAS in Italy

At the end of Archaeological season members of New Archaeological School finally participated international archaeological activity. This year we had presented a paper on the world biggest Congress about Rock Art — IFRAO 2018. This year it was helded in Valcamonica, Northern Italy.



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