How to support Ukrainian archaeology?

Ukrainian bank account: 5168 7520 1462 6652 Тубольцев Олег Валентинович
(Tuboltsev Oleg Valentinovych)

We need every type of support — please bring us your sleeping bags, tents, food supply etc. We are happy to receive any help!

The reason why all of us are so hardly interested in our past is the uncertainty of our future. The mankind’s reason to look back is the fear to look forward. So we are staring at the history to be confident that humanity deserves a future. However, one can’t protect cultural heritage naked and unarmed. That’s why we are happy to receive any help.

The easiest way to support “New Archaeological School” is the financial transfer to the 5168 7520 1462 6652 bank account. We also have PayPal

Its owner is our chief, Tuboltsev Oleg Valentinovych. We are always reporting on your support and our way to use it and we are happy to have it.

However, you can also support us by goods — we constantly need sleeping bags, tents, food supply and everything that is needed to provide field research. Just call +380679908363 or wright a message to (or tell us that you want to have in any suitable way). We will try to help you to help us.

Many thanks to all of you!!!


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