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Lords of the Snakes

Team of Institute of Archaeology of Ukraine, New Archaeological School and the “Kamyana Mohyla National reserve” found two unique objects during the excavation of ancient settlement. Ophidian sculptures made of sandstone is dated approximately 7000 BC. This findings is unique for Ukraine Mesolithic Archaeology.

Lords of the Snakes It is time to become serious to our style, because this will be the first text about the art sensation at the Kamyana Mohyla — 1 settlement and the first news about the mobile Mesolithic art of Ukraine. It is hard to doubt trassological experiment; so our foreign colleagues didn’t. So,
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IFRAO 2018. NAS in Italy

At the end of Archaeological season members of New Archaeological School finally participated international archaeological activity. This year we had presented a paper on the world biggest Congress about Rock Art — IFRAO 2018. This year it was helded in Valcamonica, Northern Italy.

IFRAO 2018. NAS in Italy The story about the Rock Art instances in the Mesolithic layer of Kamyana Mohyla — 1 is more or less known by our participants. That is the legend about strange stones that became the ophidian heads passing through our hands and years of investigation. After almost two years of fruitfull
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Antony Kalugin. Little talks

Antony Kalugin — about the new album, progressive rock and just a few words about archaeology

Antony Kalugin. Little talks The sky is the limit for the talents. While we survive endless Ukrainian Steppes, fighting artifacts and rains, every one of us tries to develop as fast as we can. Our team is listening to the most interesting songs every single moment. Recently our camp was visited by Antony Kalugin —
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Waiting for the Culture

While our expedition on Konsulivske Hillfort worked on the dig, team from Generalka continues to process the material from previous excavations. We are still waiting for the Resolution from the Ministry of Culture (they are late too much), however we have a lot of work to do now.

Waiting for the Culture While part of New Archaeological School volunteers worked on Late-Scythian Hillforts in Kherson region, our main team is located home, on Generalka 2. We still don’t have the permission documents from the Ministry of Culture, so not allowed to work in the field but this gives us a possibility to concentrate
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Archeology of motorways

Exposition “Archeology of Motorways” was opened yesterday in National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev. It shows artifacts found during the motorways construction near Krakow. Exposition represents numerous interesting objects, particularly the Neolithic clay woman figure found near Modlnica. The figure is approximately 7500 years old. Exhibition (more photos here) also represents ancient stone and metal
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Return to Generalka

This week, the last summer’s week of 2016, the NAS team returns to Generalka 2 to finish works in the Pit 18 and to prepare our site for a visitor from France. Remi Benali from National Geographic arrives on August, 27. By the time, we have to open and finish one of the most complicated
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