“New Archaeological School” was started at 2002 (our birthday is on June 27). Since then fans, supporters and volunteers research cultural heritage and present it to public.



Come and stay

Expedition lasts all summer to discover as much as possible. For those unused to field conditions this might be an issue. That is why we are ready to accept everyone for a short period of time, regardless of their skills. Archaeology is a science for everyone! A week is enough to understand what field work and expedition life are like. Usually we are contributing to the general expedition budget to cover food, fuel etc., but the price depends from the location. And you are always welcome to stay longer.

Got interested? Give us a call or leave a message (contacts are at the bottom of the page). You will get a full information on how to prepare and what you need. Airport/railway station transfer is on us. We welcome both individual enthusiasts and groups.

Equipment provided

Got no sleeping bag or tent? Worry not! We are here to support you on your way to archaeology. NAS has all kinds of required equipment – tents, sleeping bags, shovels, scalpels and brushes. Personal dishes are not required either, since we’ve got you 100% covered.

Bad news for bath-lovers. We have no hot water, unless the sun heats it in a shower tank. It’s a fieldwork after all. And we have no beds. We sleep in tents inside sleeping bags. Phones and other tech are charged from a fuel generator. You can play guitar? Bring it along! You will be a star on our evening campfire sessions.

Expedition is just a tip of the iceberg

Cannot come in summer? You’re still welcome into the lab! The most interesting part happens there. Everything we found turns from muddy something into archaeological artifacts. And we personally do this transformation. NAS members gather every Wednesday and Saturday at 4:00PM at 46a, Nemirovichya-Danchenko St. in Zaporizhya. We wash, clean, glue, measure and analyze the finds, prepare public presentations and lectures. You’re welcome to join!

You can also join us at scientific conferences, presentation and public lectures. You have an extra pair of hands that we need and we will provide positive emotions that you need. Time to work together!


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