Archeology of motorways

Exposition “Archeology of Motorways” was opened yesterday in National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev. It shows artifacts found during the motorways construction near Krakow. Exposition represents numerous interesting objects, particularly the Neolithic clay woman figure found near Modlnica. The figure is approximately 7500 years old. Exhibition (more photos here) also represents ancient stone and metal tools and Neolithic amphora with anthropomorphic ornament. All these objects were found during rescue archaeological works during the construction. Exhibition will also be held in Poltava and Dnipro, accompanied by banners and digital screens that describe the story of more than 600 artifacts.
This is another reason for the community to remember that the possibility of rescue archaeology and the necessity of accompanying all engineer works with the archaeological investigations is a way to improve the state of field archaeology in Ukraine from pitiful state-of-the-art. The remuneration of specialists working to protect archeological monuments from destruction of cultural layers leads to the improvement of the quality of archaeology in general and volunteer archeology in particular.


25 November 2020

A Complex Rock Art Object in Ukrainian Steppe

A new paper on the rock art of Kamyana Mohyla has been recently published in Rock Art Research Journal. The study has been performed by New Archaeological School.

21 September 2018

Lords of the Snakes

Team of Institute of Archaeology of Ukraine, New Archaeological School and the "Kamyana Mohyla National reserve" found two unique objects during the excavation of ancient settlement. Ophidian sculptures made of sandstone is dated approximately 7000 BC. This findings is unique for Ukraine Mesolithic Archaeology.

13 September 2018

IFRAO 2018. NAS in Italy

At the end of Archaeological season members of New Archaeological School finally participated international archaeological activity. This year we had presented a paper on the world biggest Congress about Rock Art — IFRAO 2018. This year it was helded in Valcamonica, Northern Italy.



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