archaeologist photo НАШ

Simon Radchenko

Project manager

First expedition was in 2006. We were investigated the Roman Age settlement of Portmashevo near the Kachovske reservoir. Looks like in was not so long ago… a long time, to be honest. After that was Mechet-Mohyla, Kamyana-also-Mohyla, Generalka and a lot of other sites. Meanwhile he was twice educated as a GIS engineer (GIS in Neolithic archaeology) and as a literature teacher; visited Portugal and Moldova together with our Chief; worked with Odessa University and Dmytro Kiosak at the Kamyane Zavallia and had much more fun.
What he continues to do now. For today he has a few of archaeological articles published, more than 30 expeditions, GIS-in-archaeology high education and comparatively fluent English.